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mortise / паз, гнездо, прорезь
имя существительное
groove, slot, notch, recess, channel, mortise
nest, jack, socket, receptacle, housing, mortise
slot, slit, recess, split, slash, mortise
batter, peck, chisel, hammer away at, pick, mortise
соединять врубкой
mortise, mortice
имя существительное
a hole or recess cut into a part, designed to receive a corresponding projection (a tenon) on another part so as to join or lock the parts together.
With an octagonal cross section, the frame of the pagoda is completely made of wooden parts solidly linked by many mortises and tenons held together by a sophisticated system of brackets, in 54 different varieties.
join securely by using a mortise and tenon.
Helping to compensate for this are the joined struts that are mortised and tenoned to both the joists and rafters, in effect converting each rafter-joist pair into what might be described as the most primitive form of truss.
Use a sharp chisel or utility knife to enlarge the mortise in the direction that you need to move the plate.
That's why so many old guns have a broken wrist or lock mortise .
There are two main types of joint- the mortise and tenon, and the dovetail.
It appears that the left side of the stock, as well, has been planed away slightly to open the left side of the iron mortise .
Drill a hole and chisel a shallow mortise in that jamb for the strike plate.
The mortised joint is even neater than the butt joint, but you must cut a mortise into the post for this joint.
Unpinned splat tenons have room to expand and contract within the mortise , avoiding splitting.
Mark and cut the mortise and recess for the strike plate using the same method used for installing the lock.
You will need to mortise the plate into the edge of the door so that it is flush with the surface of the edge.
Then cut a V-channel across the mortise anywhere within the mortise .