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mortgage / закладывать, ручаться
pledge, mortgage, pawn, lay down, found, hypothecate
vouch, guarantee, warrant, ensure, answer, mortgage
имя существительное
mortgage, hypothec, hypothecation
mortgage, pawn, hock, pledge, stake, soak
mortgage, bond, encumbrance, hypothecation, hypothec, bill of sale
имя существительное
the charging of real (or personal) property by a debtor to a creditor as security for a debt (especially one incurred by the purchase of the property), on the condition that it shall be returned on payment of the debt within a certain period.
If you have personal debt, such as a line of credit used for investment purchases, consider converting this debt into a personal mortgage on real estate.
convey (a property) to a creditor as security on a loan.
the estate was mortgaged up to the hilt
mortgage payments
A Your job history and how well you have repaid past debts are important factors in whether you'll qualify for a mortgage .
Last month the building society launched a mortgage with an interest rate capped at 4.99% until May 2009.
Mrs Smyth had agreed to mortgage the 124-acre family farm in CoTipperary, and had signed a consent form under the 1976 act.
to take out a 100% mortgage a house
I put down a hundred thousand in cash and took out a mortgage for the rest
It is claimed that his signature is on a joint mortgage document with Smith and that meant he could undertake a complex financial transaction as part of the deal.
‘We're not going to mortgage the future in order to win a few extra games the first season,’ he says.
They were required to mortgage their property to insure against the need to pay compensation for damage done by robbers.
Sounds a bit like me with my mortgage deeds, come to think of it.