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mortar / миномет, строительный раствор, ступка
имя существительное
mortar, mine-thrower, trench-mortar
строительный раствор
mortar, pounder, stamp
обстреливать минометным огнем
толочь в ступе
pestle, mortar
имя существительное
a cup-shaped receptacle made of hard material, in which ingredients are crushed or ground, used especially in cooking or pharmacy.
a mortar and pestle
a short, smoothbore gun for firing shells (technically called bombs) at high angles.
A spokesman for the Polish-led forces reportedly said the insurgents used a car bomb, mortars and machine guns.
a mixture of lime with cement, sand, and water, used in building to bond bricks or stones.
The major components of construction, as we all know, are, cement, steel, timber, bricks, mortar , sand, etc.
attack or bombard with shells fired from a mortar.
In June 2004, the Post Exchange here was mortared , killing two Soldiers and wounding more than a dozen additional troops.
fix or join using mortar.
the pipe can be mortared in place
If you don't have a food processor, you may have to grind the paste by hand in a mortar and pestle (muhaha).
In my wanderings around the hills I had found a mortar and pestle, a moccasin last and a canoe anchor, each fashioned from basalt.
Sometimes, a layer of mortar and brick or flagstone can be placed on top of an old slab, yielding a very attractive and properly sloped surface.
Grind all the ingredients together in a spice grinder or with a mortar and pestle.
Scores of Chicago's mortar and brick factory buildings and warehouses squat within a shadow's reach of glistening skyscrapers.
Grout is mortar to which water has been added until it is thin enough to pour.
A car bomb and a mortar rip through a commercial area in central Baghdad.
The answer may be found in the preceding Pasuk, which says that the people decided to use bricks instead of stones and lime as mortar .
No explosives were found in the mortar shell and the bomb disposal unit said no-one in the local area was at risk.
In the mortar , crush 20 black peppercorns and some Maldon salt.