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mortally / смертельно, насмерть
deadly, mortally, deathly
to death, mortally
in such a manner as to cause death.
the gunner was mortally wounded
But he was mortally wounded and was pronounced dead after being taken to hospital.
It is clear he is mortally wounded but, true friend that he is, he manages to warn Pepe with his dying breath.
I'm mortally afraid that my voice would come out all wobbly and broken, but surprisingly, it's calm enough.
Another child was mortally wounded and two other teachers and several more children were badly injured.
Before he reached the quarter-deck ladder he was told Captain Cooke had been mortally wounded.
The tail-gunner was mortally wounded, but the captain refused to bail out - swearing that the two of them would land the plane together.
A police source said that he found Smith mortally wounded in the kitchen and pulled the knife out of his chest.
the gunner was mortally wounded
Even the police themselves were mortally afraid of the Flying Squad.
It can't happen: something always goes wrong - and it's all the more likely if you have mortally offended one of your guests by snubbing his hairdressing skills.