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morphology / морфология
имя существительное
morphology, accidence
имя существительное
the study of the forms of things, in particular.
In some circumstances, languages borrow morphology as well as vocabulary.
grammar is organized along two main dimensions: morphology and syntax
Dialect encompasses various aspects of the language - syntax, morphology , lexicon, phonology.
The general implication is that the ambiguities that exist in the relationships between orthography, phonology, and morphology underlie spelling knowledge.
Analysis of covariance revealed some relationships between subspecies morphology / growth habit and local environmental conditions.
Indeed, far more studies have examined the relationship between morphology and performance than between performance and fitness.
Gross changes in chromosome morphology occur at each mitosis.
Given the relationship with male morphology , another question arising from these studies is what determines wasp body size.
a generative approach to Italian morphology
Organisms were identified by morphology and biochemical reactions.