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moronic / идиотский, слабоумный
имя прилагательное
idiotic, moronic, barmy
idiot, moronic, imbecile, moron, mentally deficient, feeble-minded
имя прилагательное
very foolish or stupid.
a truly moronic movie
He is a stupid, moody, moronic little kid who thinks he's all grown up, when he's just sad and lost and bitter.
Sarah grabbed Joe's arm and twisted it till he gave a yelp in pain, ‘You stupid moronic idiot!’
I wish small-minded, moronic people would stop trashing whole groups of people and places, just to make themselves feel superior.
He is the most frivolous, obnoxious, moronic man in Scotland.
I have no idea whose moronic idea a wooden floor in my room was, but its cold and miserable and should never be in a bedroom.
It has always amazed me how moronic the planning authorities are when they sanction building on natural flood plains.
I have had similar conversations with my dad about moronic laws.
These moronic motorists will still flout the laws because their time is obviously more precious than anyone else's.
Of all the most obnoxious, pigheaded, stupid, moronic things he could say!
He kept coming out with moronic and inane comments.