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mores / нравы, обычаи
имя существительное
morals, mores, moral, manner, folkway
manners, mores, manner
имя существительное
the essential or characteristic customs and conventions of a community.
an offense against social mores
The Vikings left an indelible mark on the mores and traditions of Shetlanders as well as on their psyche.
Cultural mores emphasize learning by watching, not necessarily by explicit teaching.
Democracy and schooling promoted egalitarian mores and well-nigh universal literacy.
The play explores the changing social and sexual mores of the three decades.
She adds to the interest of her subject by explaining mores and customs of the age.
Are social mores and attitudes towards sexual education changing adequately?
Women have full access to education, and social mores and attitudes are changing gradually.
There are certain social mores that last no matter what the ideology of the current administration.
He is Canadian, but like most of us, he has ties elsewhere, with a different culture and social mores .
For me, the Indian dress, food, wedding customs, and mores seemed close to home.