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moreover / кроме того, более того, сверх того
кроме того
moreover, besides, in addition, further, furthermore, additionally
более того
furthermore, moreover, further, nay, likewise, too
сверх того
moreover, additionally, besides
as a further matter; besides.
moreover, glass is electrically insulating
It is not the case of what kind of degree someone has or what school they went to, or moreover - who they know.
Scripts, moreover , are not the only way that information can be stored.
She will, moreover , have invested a vast amount of time and energy in creating her novel.
The subject believes that death is inevitable and moreover believes implicitly in the efficacy of the sorcerer.
In spite of the logistical difficulties, moreover , we are doing some good.
The problem, moreover , with value added is that the calculations can be made to hide a multitude of sins.
These are aspects, moreover , that represent an extremely narrow range of information and opinion.
moreover, glass is electrically insulating
The original Georgian furniture, moreover , was largely sold off in 1879 in a legal dispute.
These individuals are, moreover , well aware that accidents are bad for business.