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moratorium / мораторий, срок действия моратория
имя существительное
срок действия моратория
имя существительное
a temporary prohibition of an activity.
an indefinite moratorium on the use of drift nets
For the last two years there has been a moratorium on new developments across the health boards, because of freezes in funding.
To the delight of abolitionist groups, Robertson went even further this past April when he voiced his support for a general moratorium on the death penalty.
The moratorium offer includes the suspension of payments of debt principal and interest for a certain period of time.
the debt was to be subject to a five-year moratorium
Politicians called for a global moratorium on human cloning until the consequences of such procedures are better understood.
There's nothing inconsistent with the Government now saying there should be a moratorium and a payment of the lower amount.
You see, the House has quietly imposed a moratorium on taking new ethics cases and suspended any work on existing cases.
For Germany, the economic and financial crisis led US President Hoover to announce on 21 June 1931 a one-year moratorium for reparation payments.
A moratorium on cod fishing off the Irish coast could soon be in place unless drastic action is taken to protect cod numbers.
moratorium on recruitment