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moralize / морализировать, поучать, извлекать мораль
preach, edify, lesson, moralize, sermonize, tutor
извлекать мораль
moralize, draw the moral
comment on issues of right and wrong, typically with an unfounded air of superiority.
the self-righteous moralizing of his aunt was ringing in his ears
mythographers normally moralize Narcissus as the man who wastes himself in pursuing worldly goods
It is outstanding in that the book does not attempt to moralize or preach.
he endeavored to moralize an immoral society
We moralize the issue of weight and so the really virtuous person is the one who struggles to maintain a lower weight through sacrifice.
Outlaw, really, your attempting to moralize instinct, and so far the only thing I can see your achieving is contempt for the many that helps no one.
They decided to moralize the election and in so doing gave the Christian right a respectability, visibility, and political clout that it had not previously enjoyed.
Book number two told him how to dump them, and book number three was how to pick up men, well, this was not to the liking of the newly reigning emperor Augustus, who at that time was trying to moralize Rome.
Instead, Comte sought to moralize one and all, a cure for humanity not for one class at the expense of another.
he endeavoured to moralize an immoral society
At Nuremberg, Rundstedt interpreted his military role as being to execute orders to the best of his ability, but never to moralize to his superior.