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morality / мораль, моралите, нравоучение
имя существительное
morality, moral, ethics, tag, dharma, referent
moral, morality, lecture, preachment
имя существительное
principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.
Does our intuition in favour of meaningful commitments violate the idea that morality concerns consequences?
The book continued to ask questions about the morality of his killing.
But though we may disagree with the morality of his criteria, we must concede his right to make the allocation in whatever way he wishes.
You talk about ethics or morality or quality of life.
The morality of ending human life is something I will come to in more detail in Chapter 9.
In A Treatise Cudworth argues not only that ideas exist independently of human minds, but also the principles of morality are eternal and immutable.
The morality of all actions is defined in relation to outcomes.
The state would provide equality under the law and people would be free to express their belief about the morality of same-sex marriage through free association.
It was only a minority, such as a few church figures at Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, who questioned the morality of apartheid.
As I have been suggesting, the distinction between law and morality has certain implications for its subject.
In fact, such ethics, as well as the morality that underlies them, are nothing more than man-made myth to the atheist.