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morale / боевой дух, моральное состояние
имя существительное
боевой дух
моральное состояние
morale, moral
имя существительное
the confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of a person or group at a particular time.
their morale was high
The general morale among young people in this country is so low at the moment it is no wonder there are so many problems.
They clearly are a team in a need of a win just to boost morale for the second half of the season.
"They would send us boxes of goodies which was a huge morale booster.
He suggested that boosting the workers' morale would translate into safer streets and better services.
their morale was high
his morale is low
After all, football had been hugely important for morale during the war.
With morale at an all time low, it is not hard to understand that the volunteers wonder if it is worth going on.
He said that despite hostile desert conditions, morale among the servicemen was high.
Staff morale must be sapped by the ordeal of coping with crisis conditions day after day.