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mope / хандрить, киснуть, быть ко всему безучастным
mope, have the mumps, have the hip
turn sour, mope
быть ко всему безучастным
mope, mope about, mope by oneself
имя существительное
угрюмый человек
mope, mopus
blues, spleen, mope, mopes, distemper, dumps
имя существительное
a person given to prolonged spells of low spirits.
they're just a bunch of mopes
be dejected and apathetic.
no use moping—things could be worse
The guy's just a big mope .
Most of the class had already received their cards, and were silently moping in their seats.
Don't sit around moping when you could be get things finished!
After it had been a while and I looked fairly mopish my mother dragged me to West Hartford for a trim.
Don't worry I'm not moping and feeling sorry for myself.
No use moping , there were chores to do around the house!
My mom stopped asking me why I was moping around the house instead of doing something productive.
So I spent the night moping and being angry at myself.
I was in a total downer, spent most of the day crying and moping .
Even Angel isn't moping and she broke up with Aiden too.