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moorland / верещатник, местность, поросшая вереском
имя существительное
местность, поросшая вереском
имя существительное
an extensive area of moor.
It gives new rights to walk over private land that can be classed as mountain, moorland , heathland or down.
Two weeks ago hot weather brought moorland fires across the country including parts of the Peak District.
Go through the gate and out of the forest and on to open moorland .
Set in open moorland , 1500 feet above sea level, with hills rising steeply behind, it was indeed remote.
At the end of the power station fence, go through a gate and continue uphill, across open moorland .
The lake, surrounded by wooded hills and heather moorland was beautiful enough.
The more open moorland included complex areas of wetlands, copses and pits in which detailed navigation skills were a premium.
Ninety-four per cent of access routes in the National Park cross farmed land and moorland areas.
The high spot, literally, is the Slieve Bloom mountains, an expanse of moorland with views across five counties.
Away from the coast, moorland supports smaller numbers of birds, including waders which are drawn to the bog pools.
It is a land of mountains, moorland and hill pasture, with steep river valleys and cliffs.