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moor / пришвартоваться, причалить, швартоваться
moor, tie up
имя существительное
вересковая пустошь
моховое болото
торфянистая местность
имя существительное
a tract of open uncultivated upland; a heath.
This wide extent of habitats includes upland moors , grassy or boggy open areas in forests and damp grasslands and traditionally managed hayfields particularly in river valleys.
make fast (a boat) by attaching it by cable or rope to the shore or to an anchor.
twenty or so fishing boats were moored to the pier
имя существительное
a member of a northwestern African Muslim people of mixed Berber and Arab descent. In the 8th century they conquered the Iberian peninsula, but were finally driven out of their last stronghold in Granada at the end of the 15th century.
Spain does not deny its occupation by the Muslim Moors .
Judges said his farm was in a beautiful location, with an impressive mix of open moor , meadows and other pasture.
Mr Foley said the accommodation complex had an added attraction for boat owners who would be able to moor their vessels close to home.
There is also a place for sailing enthusiasts to moor their boats.
There is enough space at the venue for 550 limousines, quay space to moor yachts and a heli-pad nearby.
On the open moor , skylarks were in the nesting season; I saw several at close range, and heard them overhead almost without ceasing.
Some of the birds are being ‘evicted’ because the famous moor has become over-stocked since shooting was banned in 1997.
He sees a market for Americans to moor their boats in Mexico year round as well as transient boaters.
In this event the expedition will haul up the boat on shore or moor it in a safe bay, and then trek to the nearest settlement or air-strip.
a grouse moor
It submitted an application in September to build a floating pontoon, which would allow it to moor boats.