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moonshine / самогон, фантазия, лунный свет
имя существительное
moonshine, hooch, hootch
fantasy, imagination, fancy, phantasy, fantasia, moonshine
лунный свет
moonlight, moon, moonshine, shine
имя существительное
illicitly distilled or smuggled liquor.
They just built their stills and made up moonshine or any other liquor that they could.
foolish talk or ideas.
whatever I said, it was moonshine
Hooper's claims are moonshine .
Why is this moonshine in a book that asks itself to be taken seriously on the solar system?
It was pure alcohol, more deadly than moonshine , and with none of the distiller's art applied to its flavour.
We shall never learn to feel and respect our real calling and destiny, unless we have taught ourselves to consider every thing as moonshine , compared with the education of the heart.
Someone had apparently set up a still that produced a potent form of moonshine and a yeasty homemade beer.
None of them had eaten anything all day so, as usual they were trying to fill their stomachs with beer and moonshine .
Within weeks of taking office, he ordered police to remove the tens of thousands of illegal money-changing kiosks that were also notorious for selling counterfeit goods and dangerous, home-brewed moonshine .
whatever I said, it was moonshine
There would not be enough for a huge supply of moonshine that winter.
He and his friend Willie Brown would often sit on tombstones, writing ominous melodies and drinking moonshine .