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moonlit / залитый лунным светом
имя прилагательное
залитый лунным светом
имя прилагательное
lit by the moon.
It was a dark clear moonlit sky.
I stood on the crest of a hill half a kilometer from the moonlit water, with the city lights in the distance.
Lie on a white sand beach soaking up the sun during the day and go for long moonlit walks along the oceans edge at night.
James stopped and stood looking out toward the ocean with its moonlit waves crashing against the shore.
The sun setting in the far north west went down in a blaze of red and blended so gently into a moonlit night that it seemed as if it hadn't set at all.
The lovestruck pair recited poetry to each other in moonlit Persian gardens.
He set off at a slow walk, through the empty moonlit streets, an eerie quietness surrounding them.
The other three trucks followed him out of the wood and up the highway, heading north on the moonlit highway.
They began to walk through the moonlit night and stayed completely silent.
It was a beautiful moonlit night, and before we went home we walked down to the Ham Bridge across the river.
Before, we used to sleep on the beach on moonlit nights.