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moonlight / лунный свет, работать по совместительству
имя существительное
лунный свет
moonlight, moon, moonshine, shine
работать по совместительству
подвергаться ночному нападению
подрабатывать по вечерам
уничтожать по ночам посевы и скот
имя существительное
the light of the moon.
I wanted you to see the courtyard by moonlight
have a second job in addition to one's regular employment.
many instructors moonlight as professional consultants
The sky was bright with moonlight .
The moonlight shone through the clouds and cast a glow upon the water and its rocks.
The pale moonlight that shone through her window provided enough light to find her bed.
Her eyes gazed into the white ceiling above her, now blue with the pale moonlight .
He smiled down at me, his smile the only thing I could see perfectly outlined in the pale, ghostly moonlight .
There was grey moonlight coming in, lighting a patch of floor just in front of the window but leaving the rest of the room in blackness.
The moonlight from the full moon shone in the room.
The pale moonlight shone on the sand as Kino stepped among the dunes.
Carina grinned as she watched the fishes shimmer and shine in the glowing moonlight .
The moonlight shone through the window and cast and irridescent glow on half of the room.