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mooch / слоняться, воровать, прогуливать уроки
hang around, loaf, mooch, muck about, hang about, slouch about
steal, pilfer, thieve, mooch, plunder, prig
прогуливать уроки
ask for or obtain (something) without paying for it.
a bunch of your friends will show up, mooching food
loiter in a bored or listless manner.
he didn't want them mooching around all day
имя существительное
a beggar or scrounger.
the mooch who got everything from his dad
Still unable to sleep well in his unfamiliar surroundings, David headed for the kitchen at two in the morning, hoping someone had left an unemptied coffee pot from which he could mooch a leftover cupful.
Surly and always on the mooch , the only thing that motivated him into doing anything resembling physical labor was the promise of money for more booze.
They mooch around with no energy and look miserable backstage.
So I'm going to lay in bed late, then probably head over to Brighton to mooch about the shops.
No money equals no food, and it wasn't like I had any friends to mooch off of.
Meanwhile, Steph keeps busy trying to mooch a place to stay off his lover, Rose.
Yes, I would mooch a ride with him… if he didn't run away before I could talk to him.
They are nice in every way, except for the fact that they always try to mooch food from us.
No, they can't tell me when he'll show up - so I have to mooch about and wait.
the mooch who got everything from his dad