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monumental / монументальный, огромный, колоссальный
имя прилагательное
huge, enormous, great, vast, immense, monumental
colossal, titanic, gargantuan, monumental, super-duper
имя прилагательное
great in importance, extent, or size.
it's been a monumental effort
I've done a good job, I've made (at times) a monumental effort.
It reeked of historical importance and monumental significance.
It's a monumental and costly task, and publishers have given no reason to believe they can do it for themselves.
It offered some sublime contests and changes of fortune and also some monumental individual efforts from both teams.
In the cliffs around the boundaries of the city the king left a series of monumental inscriptions
The task ahead is monumental and extremely serious for us and the generations to come.
On the plus side are the impressive costumes and monumental sets, the excellent playing by the orchestra and generally good singing.
The task is a monumental one because of the size of the islands, their tiny population and their distance from the rest of the world.
It took what seemed to be a monumental effort for me to open them and when I did so, all I wanted to do was close them again.
So it was the desserts that saved the day, because they were of sufficiently monumental size as to make one wonder why the main courses were not equally generous.