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monument / памятник, монумент
имя существительное
monument, memorial, record
имя существительное
a statue, building, or other structure erected to commemorate a famous or notable person or event.
After his death, the Athenians honored his memory with a statue, and a monument to him was erected in his own country.
The passengers erected a monument to honour him.
The second type of tomb was erected as a monument to honour the dead and to preserve their memory.
They begin with the proposal to erect a monument to a famous figure.
As for outdoor statues, they have the characteristic potential of becoming a monument to a country, a landmark.
He said the memorial would be a monument to Corrie's courage and sacrifice for peace and justice in Palestine.
a simple stone monument marked the nearby crash site
It is a scandal that there is no official monument to commemorate the contribution of women in the Second World War.
A large monument was erected on the battlefields to commemorate their bravery and their strength to serve to their fullest.
Pat also contributed his expertise voluntarily over the years and the designs of the buildings are a monument to his skill.
a handsome monument of granite is placed over the grave