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montane / горный, гористый
имя прилагательное
mountain, mining, rock, highland, montane, rangy
mountainous, montane, mountain, rangy
имя прилагательное
of or inhabiting mountainous country.
montane grasslands
The upscale resort developers continue to covet two square kilometres of rare montane habitat on the Rocky Mountains' eastern slopes near Rocky Mountain House.
The park is one of the last large tracts of montane wet forest in eastern or central Africa.
However, the three species are generally segregated by altitude, ranging from lowland swamp forests to higher altitude montane forests.
It would also change drastically the montane landscapes and the livelihood of their inhabitants.
The montane zone ends at the subalpine zone, which is where tree growth is more difficult.
For example, when the climate warmed, montane forest communities contracted and moved up the mountain slopes, where the climate was relatively cool.
The species inhabits the understoreys of montane forests, mainly plateau forests.
The mid-journey night in montane Flagstaff had refreshed, restored and rejuvenated me.
One of the most accessible places to see a bit of the montane rainforest is near Honolulu.
The higher herbivory pressure by mollusks in the lowlands has been discussed as the main reason for the lower altitudinal distribution limit of montane plant species.