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montage / монтаж, фотомонтаж, калейдоскоп
имя существительное
mounting, assembling, assembly, montage, erection, fitting
photomontage, montage
kaleidoscope, montage
имя существительное
the process or technique of selecting, editing, and piecing together separate sections of film to form a continuous whole.
She learned how to montage films - editing together different camera shots for effect.
The snappy editing, rapid montage sequences and throbbing soundtrack give the film tremendous pace in its early stages and that is matched by some funny moments.
Then look at the video inserts over the music montage .
It was celebrated for its numerous advances in filmmaking technique, crafting a style of montage that would become the norm for the coming century of cinema.
There's a lovely scene when she kisses him for the first time and the film dissolves into a montage of suburban streets, implying that there's a story like this in every neighbourhood.
And if you look at his films, you'll see that sometimes he'll do a montage that's all music and he'll drop the location sound altogether.
a montage of photographs
The film is poetic in tone and features a number of image and sound montage sequences.
In each case, the town and the barefaced cliffs behind which the irradiated children survive are linked together through montage , drawing out an all-encompassing atmosphere of inhibition and isolation.
A montage of images selected by a young patient reveals some sadness as well as the importance of color, toys, and access to nature.
There are some very well-done montage sequences and some honestly insightful cuts, but they are drowned in a flood of meaningless and unmotivated shots and scenes.