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monster / монстр, чудовище, изверг
имя существительное
monster, beast, monstrosity, ogre
monster, fiend, hellhound, hellkite
имя прилагательное
huge, enormous, great, vast, immense, monster
enormous, huge, vast, great, tremendous, monster
gigantic, giant, monstrous, monster, gigantesque, Herculean
имя существительное
an imaginary creature that is typically large, ugly, and frightening.
She was made into a horrid, ugly monster .
criticize or reprimand severely.
my mother used to monster me for coming home so late
I started running away from the ugly monster but it started chasing me and growling.
a monster 36lb carp
She was made into a horrid, ugly monster .
She had a monster of a van ready and was waiting for us.
I looked over my shoulder and saw that the little monster I called my brother had indeed returned to the room sometime while I was asleep.
The time to monster the poor man is when he's got it wrong.
my mum used to monster me for coming home so late
How could he have been such a monster , how could he have been so cruel?
Aidan, as you may imagine, had become a little monster in the years.
In front of them sat a monster of a car, and within it a tiny old lady drove, her head hardly even reaching over the dashboard.