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monotonous / монотонный, однообразный, однозвучный
имя прилагательное
monotone, monotonous, dull, singsong, unrelieved, even
monotonous, uniform, same, drab, flat, monotone
имя прилагательное
dull, tedious, and repetitious; lacking in variety and interest.
the statistics that he quotes with monotonous regularity
If that wasn't torturous enough, my alarm clock began to ring in its dull, monotonous tone.
Say goodbye to eating dull, monotonous and insipid food day after day.
It's like having an incredibly monotonous and dull job where you sit around doing virtually nothing in complete silence.
He said research showed that up to 20 per cent of accidents on monotonous roads such as motorways were related to tiredness.
It was a sound low and monotonous at first; then rising, becoming shaped by rhythm and chorused cadence.
The monotonous sound of his voice gave way to music as soon as I pressed the play button again.
He's talking to me with his head turned away and his voice monotonous and unfeeling.
But when does joyous, mantric reiteration tip over into something more sinister, or worse, monotonous ?
Instead, she moved further into the room and began to speak in a calming, but monotonous voice.
The very nature of popular film is to provide an escape from daily reality and monotonous routines.