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monotheism / монотеизм, единобожие
имя существительное
имя существительное
the doctrine or belief that there is only one God.
Once the option for religion has been made, the only serious alternatives are pantheism and monotheism .
Pantheism can no more account for any decadence than monotheism .
The unequivocal monotheism of Islam served to unite all.
You're talking about monotheism as if its synonomous with fundamentalism and religious intolerance, which strikes me as a bit of a straw man argument.
The liberals also commonly assert that monotheism is a late evolutionary religious development.
But what's different about this human depiction of God, this notion of monotheism , is that it transfers real material scarcity to divinity.
Does your masonry promote multitheism or does it promote monotheism ?
All of this flows, according to Stark, directly from the inherent logic of monotheism .
The ideological clash between monotheism and polytheism furnishes the world with one of its first examples of asymmetrical warfare.
Paul's monotheism , which included the view that God controlled everything that happened, was braver than that.
Unlike most religions, it requires no one belief regarding the nature of God: it embraces polytheism, monotheism , and monism.