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monorail / монорельс
имя существительное
имя существительное
a railroad in which the track consists of a single rail, typically elevated, with the trains suspended from it or balancing on it.
By contrast, alternate technologies like people movers, mini metros and monorails require the entire route to be separated either by elevating it, putting it underground or fencing it off.
From the moment you step on to the monorail which takes you from the vast car park to the park itself, the excitement of the day begins.
How about an elevated monorail to connect the two Bradford stations, the airport link and the Odsal complex?
Why will the monorail be any less expensive than the light rail?
If monorail 's success rate in less-populated areas is any indication, the airport could do well with such connectivity.
They were given apartments that were very near the monorail that would bring them to the Core District in a matter minutes.
The monorail was labeled an essential facility by the state Legislature and the Seattle City Council.
We need to stop judging the monorail by the degree to which it does or doesn't make us feel good, and treat it like any other major civic project.
We stepped off of the monorail onto a platform with two tracks lining it four floors up.
They plan to remind voters of the original allure of monorail : Elevated trains never get stuck in traffic.
He does acknowledge though, that the key to getting either the monorail or the tram back on track is to find investment from the private centre.