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monopolize / монополизировать, завладеть
monopolize, engross
occupy, lay hold of, monopolize, collar
(of an organization or group) obtain exclusive possession or control of (a trade, commodity, or service).
That's free enterprise, not a violation of antitrust law, which is defined as a group monopolizing trade or commerce through unreasonable methods.
There is an increased likelihood of competition for prey with subordinate animals likely suffering more than dominant bears that can confiscate or monopolize prey.
Ultimately, a state of affairs in which the top 10 percent monopolize the lion's share of society's resources is incompatible with democratic forms of rule.
In both rural and urban areas, men monopolize the job market.
Marlowe and Shakespeare dominated late Elizabethan drama, although they did not monopolize it.
the bigger teams monopolize the most profitable sponsorships and TV deals
Over much of the graph, the capacity of aggressive dominants to monopolize the better habitats is limited.
The Montreal Canadiens became like any other NHL team and were no longer able to effectively monopolize the top-quality French Canadian talent entering the NHL.
The funds also come from cooperatives which monopolize the distribution of fuel and other (services).
A decade ago the Voter News Service was formed to monopolize the exit-poll business and make it harder for any one network to get the story first.
Private biotechnology companies that hold certain patents can monopolize certain gene tech markets.