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monologue / монолог
имя существительное
monologue, soliloquy, monolog
имя существительное
a long speech by one actor in a play or movie, or as part of a theatrical or broadcast program.
The play starts off with an actor rehearsing a monologue for an acting competition.
Weaving history with poetry, music and drama, ten actors each recite an eight-minute monologue .
At a meeting to discuss the takeover, he delivered a two-hour monologue : all because some doubting voices were raised over the price being offered.
Aspiring movie stars in this crazy city are already rehearsing his final courtroom speech as an audition monologue .
Carson would then perform a comic monologue which would end with an imaginary golf swing.
The brother entered into a monologue , the sort-of conversation that I had had with him a couple of weeks ago.
Fred carried on with his monologue as if I hadn't spoken
Finished with her tedious monologue , she started dividing us up into work groups.
He can't tell the difference between a conversation and a monologue .
The group discussion had ceased and the whacko had finished his ranting monologue on all the multiple talents of the doctor.
Fred carried on with his monologue as if I hadn't spoken