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monolingual / одноязычный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
(of a person or society) speaking only one language.
monolingual families
имя существительное
a person who speaks only one language.
In all multilingual communities speakers switch among languages or varieties as monolinguals switch among styles.
The monolingual reader, free from vocabulary and prior knowledge demands, was able to concentrate on the interpretation and comprehension of the text as a whole.
Easier is to put all your languages on one blog, but then you risk confusing and possibly annoying monolingual readers, or of reducing one language to minority status.
He said it once in English, then translated it for his monolingual mate.
The comparison group was composed of 118 English-dominant Mexican American students who had participated in a monolingual English curriculum in Grades 1-3.
Students in the monolingual program receive handwriting books while my students get copies of the page to be done.
The bilingual children scored twice as high on this test as the monolingual children.
Many of us complain that most college students are monolingual .
Children who acquire more than one language early can develop thinking skills that may elude monolingual children of the same age.
The market for spellcheckers and monolingual dictionaries would be greatly reduced.
She grew up in Soviet Moscow, a supposedly monolingual society, but she remembers noticing and being fascinated by the range of accents and speech patterns she heard.