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monoculture / монокультура
имя существительное
имя существительное
the cultivation of a single crop in a given area.
The necessity for crop protection emerged with agriculture not because of any practice of monoculture but because crops were now being grown in areas outside where they originated.
Comparisons between individual P. lanceolata or B. napus plants in monoculture and interspecific competition were made.
B. madritensis also respired significantly less in monoculture than in mixed culture, but the difference was apparent immediately after labelling.
the replacement of natural forest with pine monoculture
Populations fluctuated with the extent of monoculture , choice of cultivars, and extent of parasites.
They rotate their crops, thereby helping the soil to recover from centuries of monoculture under sugarcane.
This huge monoculture is covering most of the middle West and a lot of the rest of the country like a second great American lawn.
Brazilian agriculture has been going through a rapid process of modernization in recent years, with the expansion of intensive monoculture .
When the native species is suppressed, the area becomes a monoculture of purple loosestrife.
The surroundings are of heather, not some extreme monoculture , but a pattern with grasses and bilberry.
S. alterniflora is common along the east coast of North America, forming vast expanses of near monoculture in the south-eastern USA.