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monitory / предостерегающий
имя прилагательное
warning, cautionary, premonitory, admonitory, monitory
имя существительное
увещевательное послание
monitory letter, monitory
имя прилагательное
giving or serving as a warning.
the monitory wail of an air-raid siren
имя существительное
(in church use) a letter of admonition from the pope or a bishop.
O'Harra blew into his great, silver monitory horn, and it was a sound of relatively high pitch that all those in Stanton knew well to be wary of.
A new liberty will arise, so the monitory promise goes, not in any freedom from constraints too subtle for the hungry to perceive, but in class consciousness.
One of South Africa's leading vehicle tracking companies with Namibia's largest and technically most advanced alarm monitory and response company.
The study of history, Carlyle insists, is monitory .
Oliver Twist draws most overtly on the model of the didactic tracts by providing negative monitory examples.