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mongrel / дворняжка, ублюдок, полукровка
имя существительное
cur, pooch, mongrel, mutt, tyke, tike
bastard, mongrel
mongrel, half-breed, half-blood, demi-sang
crossbreed, hybrid, cross, mongrel, bastard
имя прилагательное
mixed, mingled, miscellaneous, hybrid, promiscuous, mongrel
mongrel, unblooded, underbred, half-bred
имя существительное
a dog of no definable type or breed.
a lovable mongrel puppy
One of the more unusual recruits to the unit was Tramp, a mongrel dog found starving and very ill in a puddle under the yacht.
Lily the mongrel puppy was one of the first pooches to go online to promote a stray dogs website in North Yorkshire.
The dogs - a mongrel , a Labrador, a papillon and three cocker spaniels - identified their chosen sample by lying down next to it.
He tossed his apple core to a grey mongrel dog that had been trailing him though he doubted very much that it would be appreciated.
If mongrel species represent genetic novelty and are stabilizing components of their ecosystems, are they not worth saving?
With them was Bacchus, a mongrel dog who won the hearts of the crew and was rewarded in 1943 with a National Canine Defence League valiant dog medal.
The only animal life that he encountered on the island were a small mongrel dog and a female pig that was a bit thin from lack of food.
This was a mongrel breed incorporating strains of Labrador, Greyhound, anything that could advance the genes of endurance and pulling power.
a lovable mongrel puppy
Over the past year she has noticed unusual stereotyped behaviour displayed by Candy, her 9 year old mongrel bitch, which occurs only before hypoglycaemic episodes.