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moneymaker / прибыльное дело, стяжатель, выгодное дело
имя существительное
прибыльное дело
moneymaker, money-spinner
moneymaker, turnpenny, accumulator, money-grubber
выгодное дело
moneymaker, fat job
имя существительное
a person or thing that earns a lot of money.
the movie became one of the year's top moneymakers
Anytime you can offer her a product that will allow her to protect herself and her valuables is sure to be a moneymaker for your store.
Republicans say it is a moneymaker because it prompts property sales that would not have occurred otherwise.
There, he showcased an ability to succeed where others had failed, turning a money-losing unit into a moneymaker after only one year.
The new system may not be a huge moneymaker for the district, but it will save time and money.
That rarely happens, however, and the book should be looked at as a long-term investment rather than a direct moneymaker .
He says he's in no hurry to turn his Chinese operation into a moneymaker .
Unfortunately developing countries lagged behind, with drugs becoming politicized and easy moneymakers by immoral officials.
Unfortunately, most of his moneymaking schemes tended to fail.
Even the smaller NASCAR series are consistent moneymakers .
I'd like to see a major studio take its slate down to 8 films a year… and have 6 significant moneymakers .