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moneylender / ростовщик
имя существительное
usurer, moneylender, loan shark, percenter, uncle, scrivener
имя существительное
a person whose business is lending money to others who pay interest.
Here we have masses of lower income people transferring their meager wealth via outrageous interest rates to unscrupulous moneylenders .
Mr Scott said he had borrowed from a moneylender with a large interest rate.
She was also a moneylender who collected sizeable interest with little or no collateral.
So I borrowed more money at a very high interest from a moneylender , and got my son treated.
The doorstep moneylender today reported 2002 pre-tax profits of £182m, up 7%, to continue its great run of form.
The moneylender had assured shareholders in May that they remained confident of meeting their 2001 targets.
This has led to strong growth in impaired-credit lending: the realm of the doorstep moneylender .
It does not state on its website that it is a registered moneylender , or that its interest rate is 37.1 per cent APR.
Police arrested four men Wednesday on suspicion of running an unauthorized moneylending ring that has charged interest rates 16,000 times the legal limit.
Families are also paying very high interest rates to legal moneylenders who are operating outside of the mainstream financial system.
They are exploited either by their ‘employer’ or the moneylending elite.