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monetize / пускать в обращение, перечеканивать в монету
пускать в обращение
put into circulation, issue, monetize, put forth, pass, publish
перечеканивать в монету
convert into or express in the form of currency.
Will it be stabilised by fiscal transfers from other member countries or should the European Central Bank be allowed to monetise the accrued national debt?
To the extent that the Fed is able to monetize assets it can increase bank reserves, upon which banks can increase the money supply by pyramiding further.
The Constitution denies power to the government to monetize its debt.
The Federal Reserve has not yet had to monetize the national deficit, but the trend seems to point in that direction.
Six months after the launch, the board made the decision to dismiss the staff, close our virtual doors, and monetize the assets.
The sale also afforded us the opportunity to monetize a currently nonproductive asset.
He notes that the company will monetize sales by selling images to users and splitting the revenue with the illustrators who created them.
The trick is to monetize this buzz, to make liberal use of her celebrity pixie dust to undo the damage her legal woes did to her company.
The system, at this point, demonstrates a strong proclivity to monetize rising prices - inflation begetting higher inflation.
It is not up to the governments to monetize or demonetize a commodity.
We will figure out how to monetize the largest user base on the Net.