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monastic / монашеский, монастырский
имя прилагательное
monastic, religious, monkish, regular, monachal, cloistral
monastic, conventual, cloistral, claustral, monacal, monachal
имя существительное
monk, friar, monastic, religious, conventual, cloisterer
имя прилагательное
of or relating to monks, nuns, or others living under religious vows, or the buildings in which they live.
a monastic order
имя существительное
a monk or other follower of a monastic rule.
Weber's texts also employ the typology to distinguish the asceticism of medieval monastics from that of Calvinism.
Sera is one of the three great Gelug monastic universities where monks do intensive study and training in Buddhist philosophy.
Chastity is the third monastic virtue, the opposite of voluptuousness.
I saw how they lived, saw how they dressed, and that influenced in a very strict way the monastic protocols that we later put into action in our own monastic order.
Most Theravada monks live as part of monastic communities.
Music is, by implication, a solitary and almost monastic pursuit, one unabashedly privileged over friendship or love.
It is my understanding that the current debate preserves monastic celibacy within the religious orders, just as it does for the Eastern Church.
With regard to marriage Luther pursues the same idea: The marital relationship between a man and a woman is true chastity and of higher value than monastic asceticism.
It may be wondered if this is the best solution to the situation brought about by the dominance of the monastic tradition in Orthodox worship.
The Armenian Quarter is a little known part of the city and its stone passages and cloisters give it a secluded, monastic air.
Yet, there is a fourth form of service to the world that is much more central to the Orthodox monastic vocation: providing spiritual guidance.