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monarchy / монархия
имя существительное
monarchy, kingship
имя существительное
a form of government with a monarch at the head.
You can see that the resulting difference in the constitution may be enormous: anywhere from social democracy to absolute monarchy .
the monarchy is the focus of loyalty and service
Luxembourg is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy.
The Second Empire almost solved the problem of reconciling monarchy and democracy - but not quite, and not in time.
The monarchy and the royal judiciary played important roles in the history of early modern France.
The Spartan constitution was mixed, containing elements of monarchy , oligarchy and democracy.
He ridiculed the very idea of monarchy and turned the political debate in a decisively republican direction.
The Portuguese monarchy was finally deposed by the revolution of 1910.
Since 1951, Jordan has been a constitutional hereditary monarchy with a parliamentary form of government.
the monarchy is the focus of loyalty and service
Iran has made the transition in the last twenty years from a nominal constitutional monarchy to a democratic theocracy.