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momma / мама
имя существительное
mother, mom, mum, mama, mamma, momma
When my momma got paid on a Friday she'd leave and I watched her walk across the yard.
Their momma is in control of that, and she hasn't allowed me to see them in years.
Your momma never told you, there'd be days like this.
You can certainly tell Sammy got her looks from her momma .
His momma knows him as Haywood but you know him as Dwayne from what may have been the best show in the 70s.
‘I guess I'd ought to get home, my momma will be surely looking for me,’ she said softly.
Andrew lit up, and threw his arms around his momma .
You always know what to expect from an Elvis movie, and this one settles comfortably into its well established formula like a baby kangaroo in its momma 's pouch.
But I feel compelled to be a bit more polite about it, because… my momma raised me that way.
Twelve was the year my daddy died and my momma got sick.