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momentarily / на мгновение, немедленно, ежеминутно
на мгновение
momentarily, momently
immediately, instantly, forthwith, right away, straight, momentarily
every moment, minutely, momentarily, momently
for a very short time.
as he passed Jenny's door, he paused momentarily
at any moment; very soon.
my husband will be here to pick me up momentarily
It started on Friday mid-morning and stopped momentarily for an hour or two after midnight.
The teenager then tried to run outside but had his way momentarily blocked by the bank's automatic doors.
Quicky I grabbed the bag and held it tight hoping to momentarily fill my void.
my husband will be here to pick me up momentarily
They momentarily suspend the action and draw attention to the writing process behind the story.
He said Mitchell paused only momentarily before crossing the central reservation.
A tall, strong, handsome woman, she looks momentarily lost and vulnerable.
Let's just hope we've only momentarily lost sight of what really is.
It meant that my chores were momentarily forgotten and I was free to roam about with my friends.
But the full back momentarily lost his concentration and didn't seize the loose ball.