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mom-and-pop / мама-и поп
имя прилагательное
denoting a small store or business of a type often run by a married couple.
most of the town relies on a local mom-and-pop ISP for their e-mail
‘We've always been a mom-and-pop shop,’ he continued.
Now most of the oceanfront bungalows and the mom-and-pop motels are gone.
The mom-and-pop stores are further disadvantaged in the global marketplace, being effectively shut out of access to consumer dollars.
The duo started the company as a mom-and-pop retail frame shop where they worked with local artists.
He looked into the windows of the little souvenir shops, mom-and-pop restaurants, and other shops.
Currently, all business falls under one tax category, be it a hotel, restaurant or mom-and-pop candy store.
It was not a great time to launch a mom-and-pop record store.
The twentieth century witnessed the virtual demise of the household-sized mom-and-pop corner stores, replaced by large scale department and speciality stores.
They would rather shop at national chains than at local mom-and-pop stores.
Should mom-and-pop frame shops be worried about losing customers to the Web of convenience?