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mom / мама
имя существительное
mother, mom, mum, mama, mamma, mummy
имя существительное
one's mother.
my mom each gave us a slice of pizza
People must wonder why my mom and daddy let us do that, but we were so wild that they couldn't control us.
I open up my bathroom cabinet and realise I even have the same products my mom had.
All of a sudden my mom picks up the salt and pepper shakers and throws them at my dad's head.
They had a tiny office in the building my mom worked in, a kilometre or two from my house.
My mom made it her duty to make countless trips to the ministry to get them to place me in a school.
my mom each gave us a slice of pizza
His mom had taken him out to get a new pair of shoes, but he found a problem with every one he tried.
The moms and dads were as impressed with the inside of the cottage as the children were.
The group started a program for moms and tots that is still going today.
One of the other moms ran home and grabbed some trunks for the boy and he quickly went to romp with the other kids.