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mollusc / моллюск
имя существительное
shellfish, mollusk, clam, mollusc
Despite their antiquity, living terebratulids are advanced organisms, able to out-perform molluscan bivalves in filter feeding efficiency under certain conditions.
Densely vegetated ditches with temporary standing water can be an important habitat for freshwater molluscs .
Even if detailed studies of molluscan anatomy were forthcoming, the shell of molluscs would be of little use in cladistic analysis because of rampant convergence.
Chemicals, usually in the form of short-chain fatty acids, or specific amino acids, which are released from the molluscan host, then attract the free-swimming miracidia.
Four new molluscan species, a bivalve and three gastropods, are named from shallow-marine, lower Upper Cretaceous strata in Oregon.
The adaptations of gastropods for drilling molluscan prey also increased during the Mesozoic and Cenozoic.
Small fish and a variety of other aquatic creatures, including mollusks and crustaceans, make up the Pigeon Guillemot's diet.
The beach sands are dominated by shells of bivalve mollusks , mainly venerids, gastropods, and echinoderms.
Bacteria living in the intestinal glands of a wood-boring mollusk known as the shipworm provide the animal with as much as one-third of its nitrogen.
As gardeners already know, all other slugs and snails (or gastropod mollusks , to the experts) sport a soft and slimy foot.