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moll / уличная девка, любовница гангстера, проститутка
имя существительное
уличная девка
любовница гангстера
prostitute, hooker, whore, harlot, streetwalker, moll
имя существительное
a gangster's female companion.
This is no great film, but to treat it like some made-for-TV biopic of an unknown Midwestern gangster and his ditzy moll is itself a crime.
a prostitute.
She was wall to wall M&S, wall to wall company moll .
The actress has a new movie coming out called Gloria, in which she is a leggy gangster's moll who suddenly has to take care of a sassy, streetwise kid.
While chatting with Raymond, an old friend from jail, Manda sees a gangster's moll , the beautiful, blonde Marie waltzing reluctantly with Roland, the man she belongs to.
When gangsters murder a young boy's family, he falls under the unlikely protection of a tough, ageing ex-gangster's moll .
In his new incarnation he meets another version of his wife, Alice, this time as a gangster's moll .
He has cast one local politician as a member of the Mafia and another as his moll .
This is the character who has been raised from the status of burglar's moll to sanctified heroine during the course of the novel.
Every day, the girls are haranguing her about her sexual exploits; talking about her as a slut, as a moll , somebody who sleeps with anybody.
He tells the story of a gangster's moll , treated in a casually proprietorial manner by her man, who exacts revenge by falling in love with her plumber.
I'd rush the money over to his moll
Her sister Christine is a gangster's moll , and Tommy, the right-hand-man to the boss, wants Michelle to be his lady.