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moleskin / молескин, кротовый мех
имя существительное
кротовый мех
имя существительное
the skin of a mole used as fur.
He was in the same get up, just with a moleskin jacket, and very short deerskin shorts.
a thick, strong cotton fabric with a shaved pile surface.
a moleskin coat
The tails of his black cloth coat were pinned up behind to keep them from rubbing; he had on a pair of moleskin trousers and leather gaiters, and in his hand he carried a little whip of rhinoceros hide.
On Friday he was canvassing on the Thames View Estate dressed in a brown moleskin suit, white shirt, beige tie and polished shoes.
moleskin trousers
Wear socks that whisk away sweat to protect your feet, and remember beforehand to apply moleskin to places where you have a tendency to get hot spots.
You would know them at a glance - dressed almost alike with brown boots, moleskin trousers, and a peaked cap turned to the left side.
Jeans, polo shirts, boots, moleskin trousers, handcrafted belts, hats and jackets are among some of the products on sale at the new store.
She had changed into a black moleskin cloak-like dress but had kept her red headscarf and cross-laced sandals.
I asked Geoff to explain the differences in the different moleskin fabrics.
He's wearing grey herringbone-tweed trousers and a velvety moleskin jacket.
rich artisans in jackets of rabbit and moleskin