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molehill / кротовина
имя существительное
имя существительное
a small mound of earth thrown up by a mole burrowing near the surface.
Here's more advice for those of us who suffer from moles and molehills in our lawns, this time from the Garden Centre, near Preston.
Some racers struggled up the final climb, even though it was a molehill compared to the high mountain passes that must be scaled in the Alps.
Go down to the field (if you find fields on the side of the river then even better) and look for some molehills .
It is quite common to see moles covered in soil after pushing there way through molehills but have you ever actually seen a muddy fox?
That would be much more helpful than removing molehills from a sports field.
Moles don't dig new tunnels each time they forage, and in fact a very active mole territory may sport very few molehills .
Cod Beck carries on, squirting from beneath a sloping earthen dam, which had a few molehills , and then gurgling into a wooded ravine.
Pupils from Cawood Primary School joined in the scheme when they helped sift through molehills looking for artefacts.
Featuring all the worst aspects of a neglected garden on one side of the fence, including dandelions, thistles, and molehills , it had a beautiful cottage garden on the other.
Moles were doing the Chalkland Way, leaving molehills of white-flecked soil.
But my invisible friend still works at night despite the cold; one of the molehills is snowless, dark and fresh between two frosty bottles.