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moldova / Молдова
имя существительное
Moldova, Republic of Moldova
имя существительное
a landlocked country in southeastern Europe, between Romania and Ukraine; population 4,320,700 (est. 2009); capital, Chişinău; languages, Moldavian (official) and Russian;.
the capital of Moldova
The 26-year-old Moldovan with Bulgarian citizenship was the big surprise at the tournament in the Latvian capital because he had never won a medal at a major tournament before.
Missing a number of key players through injury and suspension, the Moldovans , who were on the back of defeats to Slovenia and Italy, struggled to get to grips with their hosts.
On January 16 and 17, he met top Moldovan officials and members of the Bulgarian community in the region of Taraclia.
The Moldovan visitors will be entertained by local musicians, singers and dancers at the heritage centre and light refreshments will also be served.
The only things he really misses from home, apart from his family, are Moldovan wine, cognac, and chocolate.