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molar / молярный, мольный, коренной
имя прилагательное
root, radical, fundamental, aboriginal, drastic, molar
имя существительное
коренной зуб
molar, bicuspid, grinder, cheektooth
molar, cheektooth, grinder
имя прилагательное
of or relating to mass; acting on or by means of large masses or units.
This demonstration exploits biophysical models of energy flux coupled with molar balance models of mass flux and GIS-based information on climate, topography, and vegetation.
of or relating to one mole of a substance.
The enthalpy change that occurs during the complete combustion of one mole of a substance is called the molar heat of combustion, symbolized H c o.
имя существительное
a grinding tooth at the back of a mammal's mouth.
The teeth most often missing are the third molars , second premolars, and maxillary lateral incisors, and other teeth may be reduced in size.
He couldn't even find the molar mass of water.
Anaesthesia commences when any chemically indifferent substance has achieved a certain molar concentration in the lipoids of the cell.
A point in an absorption spectrum at which two or more components have the same molar magnetic susceptibility is termed an isosbestic point.
An example of this would be describing a solution as a 1 molar solution, or saying it had a strength of 1 M.
The section on the interconversion of molal and molar solutions needs to be reworded.
In this case a solution that was 0.9 molar in trehalose and sucrose was examined for a sample at known spacing as described for water.
Uncharged polar and even ionic dyes with substantial molar weights have often been used to trace apoplastic water movement.
The experiments with the solids mostly involve oxidation reactions, measuring the water of hydration, and finding the molar mass by titration.
Both are acceptable in SI, but mg/l is a mass unit and mol/l a molar unit.
Tests demonstrate that the amount of available zinc is much higher in an herbal preparation than in an equal molar amount of zinc sulfate, and the clinical effects are noticeably greater.