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moire / муар
имя существительное
moire, tabby
имя прилагательное
moire, watered
имя существительное
silk fabric that has been subjected to heat and pressure rollers after weaving to give it a rippled appearance.
Wall coverings include florals, ticking, toile, and moirés depending on the level of formality.
имя прилагательное
(of silk) having a rippled, lustrous finish.
Now they carried the 60 feet of pale rose-colored moiré silk to the pit and held them high above the mud.
When scanning from magazines, the magazine filter should be used to avoid moire .
The firm's voile fabrics had a moire effect created by weaving three different colored nylon layers together.
The two surfaces of bright dipped anodised mesh create a moire pattern and conceal the aluminium tube substructure to which the rear piece of the boxes is fixed.
In the firm's classic line, pure silk moire is making a comeback, and black is back.
The knifed-on ellipses stand out in slight relief against multicolored grounds of poured and squeegeed paint that sometimes imitate woodgrain or moire patterns.
Aside from some bad aliasing and the occasional moiré problem, I could detect no digital flaws at all.
Smooth, shiny surfaces such as silk, moiré , chintz and silk-like looks support a more formal feeling in a room.
The term moiré , by the way, comes from watered silk, as mentioned in Pepys' Diary.
They gathered up the 60 feet of rose watered moiré and wrapped the train around the body and arms of their master.
There are at least a few spots where moiré noise appears in textures such as stonework.