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mohair / мохер, шерсть ангорской козы
имя существительное
шерсть ангорской козы
имя существительное
the long, silky hair of the angora goat.
Their large herd of Angora goats that are sheared for the fiber the goats produce, mohair , are rounded up twice a year.
The comfortable seats are upholstered with a dark green mohair that enhances the feeling of informality.
From the toy bears on wheels, they expanded to the production of stuffed toy animals for which they utilized mohair plush, a new fabric woven from the wool of angora goats.
I can't think of a single subsidy that actually got eliminated, not even honey or mohair .
Farmers from as far as Jilingarra, Gidgegannup, Merredin and Armadale visited the farm to see a team of local shearers and the preparation of mohair for sale.
The business developed into three strands: one dealing in mohair , another in combing wool to be sold on to spinning factories and the third in hand-knitting wool.
They are made of mohair and wearing costumes similar to those mill workers would have worn in the days when Trowbridge was a woollen industry town.
If you find wool uncomfortable or itchy, you can find sweaters in merino wool, cashmere or mohair , for a softer, almost silky touch - but these can be more pricey, especially cashmere.
They were made from wool and mohair , and were beautifully soft and even more importantly hard wearing.
Made from polyamide, wool and mohair , this classic black cardigan features a ribbed neckline and subtle zipper closure.
The major exports are manufactures, wool and mohair , food, and livestock.